Server rules and info

ONLINE! New map 29.11.2016.

DireWolf20 1.10 pack!
You find it in the Curse Launcher (also available in the FTB launcher).

Rules: Don't be a dick!

FTB Utilities information.

Server URL:
(use port is 25105 if you have problems connecting, but it should work without it).
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Server rules and info

Post by raymondbh » 05 Jun 2014, 16:13


Be nice and polite. Respect other players as well as admins and moderators.
No spamming the chat.
Absolutly no griefing or stealing of any kind!
No PVP except in designated areas.
No quarries or quarry like operations in the Overworld. There is an own mining world for this. (use /warp portals)

Personal Teleports

/sethome - sets your home.
/home - teleports you home.
/call [nick] - send a TP request to another player.
/bring [nick] - accept the TP request for another player.
/ret - teleport you back to last location


You can find portals in the portal building:
- Mining world (here you can use quarries and more)
- The Nether
- The End
You cannot make portals to the Nether or the End yourself.
Mystcraft is restricted to Admins only (to reduce server lag)
All world in the portal rom will be reset for time to time, but we will give you info in good time before we do that.


/spawn - teleport to spawn
/warp portals - teleport to portals
/warp rules - teleport to rules building
/warp power - teleport to public power plant


You start with 100 coins.
Type /money to check your accont.
You earn more money by trading (see ChestShop) and you have a daily salary from the server.
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