[SOLVED] Server Down at the moment

Terrafirmacraft with addons. MC1.7.10


Mytown2 needs some tweaking, but we take that on the run.
We use Technic Launcher to run our modpack.
Download launcher, run it and search for InterFirmaPack.

Server URL: tfc.interburn.org
(use port is 25205 if you have problems connecting, but it should work without it).
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[SOLVED] Server Down at the moment

Post by raymondbh » 30 Dec 2014, 23:23

[SOLVED] Server online again

The server is down at the moment, I run into this bug, and need to fix the world with MCEdit. Look into it in the morning...

Bug in TFC-B79.14:
Name: Hot Item Empty Barrel (Severe)
Description: Game crashes when placing hot items such as food or ingots in barrels that have no liquid to cool the item down. Crash report contains
java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking block entity
at com.bioxx.tfc.TileEntities.TEBarrel.func_145845_h(TEBarrel.java:591)
Note: The crash report will contain the coordinates of the barrel/large vessel causing the crash in the Details: section. The only current solution to this problem is to delete the barrel using 3rd party software such as MCEdit